TIL: Bash Tidbits (part I)

Every now and then I peruse usr/share/doc and read the resident documentation in my OS. Today, I went through the Bash manual while sitting idle without an internet connection. I picked up a few nuggets along the way: |& is shorthand for 2>&1, as it sends cmd1’s stderr, in addition to its stdout to cmd2’s stdin via the pipe. ;& is analogous to a continue keyword in most languages. In case of switch statements, it forces the execution to fallthrough.

TIL: Erasing frustrations in Ubuntu

I do not know when the change occurred or if it was always that way, but I ran my head into a wall today, attempting to figure out why bash-autocompletion was not working on a brand new Ubuntu install. The fix was simple, as it detailed rummaging through the etc directory and uncommenting the autocompletion lines that pertain to Bash. Which brings me to my original learning point. Do Ubuntu flavored distros (i.

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