The Hare Programming Language

A couple of days ago, Drew DeVault announced the release of his “secret programming” language. I have been messing around with it, and it is a joy to program with. Part of it, can be attributed to “new toy” syndrome and excitement, as I have been keeping an eye on its development.

I cannot recommend it enough if you’re in the hunt for a fresh approach to a systems language. Out of the box, Hare lang gives you the essentials to get going. From its documentation, very readable source code, its tutorial, and bit nuggets of programming wisdom sprinkled throughout the docs.

One thing to note, if you are on a Ubuntu box and run into some issues compiling qbe, you may receive an undefined reference to '__asan register_globals' error. My solution was to read the Makefile and define LDFLAGS:

LDFLAGS += -Wc,-fsanitize=address

Check it out!


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